From A to Z Solutions that CTCOMM provides for call centers:

Outsource technical Support, Design, and Management

Technical Support, Consultation Services and Training for Genesys Call Center Solutions (PureConnect, PureEngage, PureCloud)

Training for technicians, project managers, and team leaders

Software development and management services

Call Center infrastructure and application set-up

Cloud Technology Solutions for call centers

Monthly rental models (Seat, Concurrent License)

Professional Services (Man/day, month, year)

Technology and hardware supply


  The preferred mission of the company is to meet its advanced products with customers referring low price high-performance policy in telecommunication and call center fields by using Cloud Technologies. CTCOMM provides all products and services required for call center infrastructures, technology integration, application development, reporting, monitoring and supervision with its expert team and takes its power from being experienced in the field. It works as a perfect business partner in all processes, from the selection of the most appropriate technology, which meets the needs of the corporations, to the setting-up.


  With our youthful and dynamic team members, we follow technological developments and believe in the power of innovation and change. So that, we meet with new ideas by participating in recruitment weeks and workshops of universities. We strive for innovative solutions. What we care about most is the new generations and projects for

In addition to all the technology products used in the Call Center infrastructure, all blog posts about telecommunication and active network devices can be found here.