Create exceptional customer relationships with Genesys digital customer engagement solutions and let our unique omnichannel approach fuel your future growth.

Drive better customer engagement across marketing, sales and service

Create exceptional customer relationships with Genesys digital customer engagement solutions and let our unique omnichannel approach fuel your future growth. By connecting customer interactions across all voice and digital channels, your customers have a consistent, seamless and personalized service experience. Create more targeted marketing campaigns that drive better leads. Give sales reps the information they need to improve conversion rates. With Genesys, you’ll build valuable new revenue opportunities and improve customer loyalty while reducing costs.

Genesys Call Center Solutions


    Customer service software solutions that exceed expectations

    Build better relationships and satisfy customers

    Whether you’re a global enterprise or a small business, get one customer service platform to meet the needs of your entire team. With Genesys customer service software, you can meet or exceed daily KPIs, promote your products and services, increase productivity, streamline processes and arm your team with tools and training. Seamless integration with your CRM system and other applications ensures a reliable, consistent customer experience.

    Customer experience

    Delivering a great customer experience means being able to communicate with your customers across channels, quickly getting them to the right resource to resolve issues. It also means empowering your teams with collaboration tools and predictive analytics that improve customer engagement.


    Get the reliability your team needs from your customer service software. Integrate your contact center solution with your existing systems and get the deployment options you want. Discover how the right contact center platform can simplify your workload, reduce administrative tasks and allow your IT team to focus on innovating.

    Small business

    Learn how the right customer service software solution can help your business compete with the top players. Use collaboration tools and automate lead management and other processes. Leverage analytics to position your business for growth.

    Contact center

    First contact resolution (FCR) of issues is a necessity for contact centers. To stay competitive, you need contact center software that integrates the latest technologies and digital tools with productivity features and analytics.


    Contact center software that satisfies customers

    The experience your customers want, the tools your employees need

    Give your employees the right tools to be productive and meet your performance metrics. Choose a Genesys cloud contact center platform and integrate the latest technologies and digital tools with your existing systems. Deliver the service your customers want on the channels they prefer—and beat your first-contact resolution goals in the process. Your customers will thank you for it.

    Customer satisfaction that your competition will envy

    Stand out as an industry leader in customer service. Your success depends on exceeding customer satisfaction metrics on a consistent basis, ensuring all of them receive the attention they need at every step of their journey. Use our contact center platform and enable your team to handle customer requests and issues across all channels more efficiently, while meeting your metrics.

    Resolve customer issues the first time

    When a customer reaches out to you—by voice or any digital channel—they expect a speedy resolution to their issue. Using AI-based technology, such as voicebots and chatbots, you can offload many routine queries and conversations. Automating these tasks lets you respond faster and more efficiently any time the customer connects, while still offering access to agents when escalation is needed. The Genesys contact center platform works with AI to capture valuable insights about your customers while quickly resolving their issues on first contact

    Happy customer service agents = happy customers

    A prepared and knowledgeable staff is key to customer satisfaction and team motivation. Giving agents the right tools, training and real-time feedback increases their productivity. It also helps you reduce turnover and retain motivated employees. Our call center software provides this, along with great insights into your agents’ skills and development plans for better workforce planning. Plus, happy agents deliver better customer experiences.

    Make every agent your best agent

    Use our call center software to increase team effectiveness and better meet your business’ SLAs with greater visibility into how your customer service team manages individual customer engagements. Get the insights you need to improve quality and reduce time-to-resolution. Automatically record calls and screen interactions and use this information to drive individual and group improvement. Giving your workforce access to the right contact center tools helps them remain productive, meet team performance metrics, and proactively manage workforce planning tasks.

    Reach new heights with cloud contact center solutions

    Cloud-based call center software gives your business greater flexibility and scalability—with lower upfront costs. As customer demand for new channels grows, a cloud contact center gives you flexibility and a host of modern tools that let you grow with customer expectations. The cloud also enables continuous updates, ensuring that your contact center is always running the most up-to-date software. An outdated solution makes work harder for your agents, decreases customer satisfaction and can be very costly to maintain. If you know it’s time to update it may be time to consider a cloud contact center.


    Customer service software for customer experience leaders

    Turn customer experience into your competitive advantage

    Deliver a world-class experience to every customer, every time they need you. You’re ready to respond accurately and efficiently at any time with Genesys solutions. Customer satisfaction creates brand loyalty. And brand loyalty equates to industry leadership, greater profits and differentiation from your competitors.

    Communication the way your customers want it

    Offer a more personalized experience each time your customers contact you the analytics and tools in our solutions. Through digital and self-service options, customers can choose how and when communicate with your company. And you have insights and visibility into every communication for quicker routing and resolution. Genesys contact center solutions also give you the ability to track issues through to resolution. Improved workflow and tracking capabilities help increase your Net Promoter Score, while driving greater profitability and customer centricity.

    Know exactly what your customers want

    Understand customer behaviors and increase the customer focus of your organization. Genesys predictive analytics tools use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to anticipate customer needs and route interactions to the best resource for fast resolution. Offering multiple channels for first customer contact transforms the communication process and encourages self-service, when appropriate. And self-service can free up your workforce, enabling them to focus on more urgent requests and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

    Send the right message at the right time

    With advanced analytics and outbound tools, your customer service team can communicate in the customer’s preferred manner and positively set their expectations. With the customer experience management platform, you can build trusted relationships through timely targeted messaging on everything from product alerts to promoting unique sales offers and relevant marketing assets. And real-time tools can quickly assess if a customer requires special attention. When you integrate the right tools, you increase your ability to better serve your customers every time.

    Align your team to customer needs

    Match your company’s products and services with what your customers want and need to maximize growth and productivity. Anticipating your customers’ next steps in their journey lets you meet your target metrics and develop the right team to create sustainable growth and increase profitability. Genesys contact center solutions give you visibility into your customers’ current and future needs. And that makes it easier to plan for your team’s development and better align products, marketing and sales to customer preferences.

  • IT

    Increase IT productivity with the right customer experience solution

    Save your IT team for the things that matter

    Balancing technology support with everyday administrative tasks can keep you up at night. These same tasks cut into your IT team’s productivity. Large-scale integrations increase your workload and downgrade day-to-day tasks. The latest technology platform gives you the reliability and security you need to reduce the burden on your team and ultimately make them more productive.

    A cloud solution IT will love

    Migrating to the cloud might be the best way to integrate new solutions into your current IT portfolio. But finding the time and resources to make the move can sometimes be a challenge. Consolidate disparate channels and solutions and get the flexibility you need now and in the future. The right platform offers a cost-effective solution, seamless integration and ensures company-wide productivity gains.

    Productivity and reliability guaranteed

    Keep up with emerging technologies, meet customers’ communication demands and offer productivity tools that better use existing resources. Your organization demands an all-in-one customer experience platform that’s reliable, secure and easily integrates with existing CRM systems and other applications. The right platform provides not just the technology but the tools, analytics and confidence you need to create a world-class contact center environment.

    Focus on what’s important

    Don’t let your teams get bogged down with mundane tasks. A highly skilled team is a wasted resource when they’re unable to focus on high-value tasks like technology assessments and integrations. With a platform that automates administrative tasks and lets business users adjust routing rules, IVR parameters and pull their own reports, IT teams can focus on high-value work and meet performance metrics.

    Build a better infrastructure

    Your executive team relies on you to select a customer experience infrastructure that’s effective, secure, reliable and flexible enough to grow with your company. It must be robust enough to handle integrations and policy changes while meeting compliance regulations. Implementing an integrated or all-in-one platform can reduce some of the complexity of disparate systems through integration, resulting in increased infrastructure effectiveness, greater productivity for your team and job security for you.


    Customer service software for small business owners

    Small business tools that deliver a big customer experience

    Your team might be small, and they probably wear several different hats. As the owner of a growing business, you need a balanced system that can evolve and grow with your company. Even if you have limited resources, you can still deliver world-class customer service like some of your larger competitors. Customers expect you to interact with them in the ways that they’ve come to prefer. With Genesys Small Business Solutions, you get the most out of your employees by allowing them to collaborate and move quickly to resolve issues and close new business.

    Customer experience that makes a great first impression

    Delivering a personalized customer experience is one way to differentiate your business from the competition. As a small business owner, your contact center platform should engage customers with a personalized experience across channels and helps resolve their problems. Our call center software lets customers communicate with your company on the channel of their choosing—by phone, online or any other way.

    Using their preferred method will accelerate your ability to problem-solve at first contact, assess the best resources to resolve issues and deliver relevant campaign messaging. The result is a more empowered team, positive customer interactions and increased loyalty.

    Improved employee communications

    Strong internal communications are just as important as external customer communications. Increase the effectiveness of internal communications for your small business by delivering relevant information to the right people at the right time. By using the collaboration tools in our platform, you can ensure that important product information and process changes won’t get lost in your employees’ inboxes. The right tools allow internal teams to align and collaborate, resulting in increased time-to-value, productivity and better overall performance metrics.

    More productivity in less time

    You might have a smaller team, but you can still give your customers a personalized experience every time they contact you. With an all-in-one contact center platform from Genesys, you can ease the administrative burden and take advantage of productivity tools. Optimize your workforce and analytics and better understand your customers’ journey. The right platform provides availability, reliability and security while integrating seamlessly with your systems now and in the future.

    Build a winning team

    Developing a highly knowledgeable and efficient workforce is the goal for every business, big or small. The ways in which you communicate, collaborate and train your workforce are critical to staff retention and company growth. Genesys customer service tools can make the difference in how teams engage with customers—and with each other. And our platform gives you access to collaboration and productivity tools, as well as the power of analytics, to speed your time to delivery and optimize team performance.


    Customer engagement platform

    Connect the dots across your organization for leads

    Today, your marketing organization needs to extend beyond the acquisition mindset and connect sales, service, and marketing to increase website conversation. To achieve this, you need to eliminate silos and consider the totality of the brand experience to deliver the seamless experiences that customers expect.

    Go from lead to customer faster

    Humanize the digital experience for your customers using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

    • Engage prospects in real time on their preferred channel, resulting in 10x improvement in contact-to-lead qualification.
    • Shape the journey for a 400% lead-to-customer conversion improvement.
    • Use AI to personalize and automate next-best actions, offers and agents for a 10% revenue gain.

    Leverage customer journey data

    Customers want to engage with you at their convenience and on their channel of choice—whether that’s chat, discount pop-up offers, content offers, email, mobile or through live sales reps. By leveraging customer journey data, you can see customer behaviors in real time as they shop on your website.

    Increase revenue from your website

    Increase conversions and revenue in an easy and fully automated way. Use real-time insights to proactively engage customers at the right moment through the best channel. You’ll see right when customers are going down the wrong path or are lost on your website. And you can engage with customers in real-time, even intercepting carts on the verge abandonment.

    Engage with customers in real time

    Developing leads is only the first stage of a campaign cycle. Determining how and where your leads are qualified and distributed is one of the most important aspects of a successful marketing campaign. You need the right lead-management tools to accurately assess, qualify and distribute leads to your sales team. Accelerating lead distribution increases the likelihood that the lead remains active and is directed to the best resource takes it to the next level.


    Sales engagement platform

    Visibility into real-time customer journeys increases sales

    Increase conversions and drive more sales through your website by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, using real-time insights, and proactively engaging prospects at the right moment through the best channel—chat, content offers, email, mobile and more.

    Time kills all deals

    The faster your team can connect with leads, the more deals you’ll close without increasing your cost.  Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue and reach customers in real time—24/7.

    Turn opportunities into wins

    Improve your digital sales by using AI to:

    • Engage prospects in real time on their preferred channel, resulting in a 10x improvement in contact-to-lead qualification
    • Shape the journey for a 400% lead-to-customer conversion improvement
    • Personalize and automate next-best actions, offers, and agents for a 10% revenue gain
    • Better integrate the tech stack to simplify the lives of sales reps

    Quick reads: sales innovation

    Stay on top of sales best practices and innovation with Genesys blogs. AI-driven sales engagement is evolving how we communicate with customers. Genesys provides a wealth of knowledge to benefit from this in the regular sales blogs.

    Stop wasting leads

    Building on the power of AI and machine learning, Prospect Conversion and Customer Acquisition Center, smarter and automated sales engagement technology solutions from Genesys, humanize the digital experience for your customers. These solutions deliver real-time engagement, active journey shaping, and predictive personalization.

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