• Agent Interface Development

  • It includes interface development services that direct your Agents to do their jobs most efficiently. All the necessary steps are taken from the one screen that is fully integrated with CRM applications and your call center platform.

  • Script Development for Agentless Dialing

  • IVR development for your Automated Dialer projects (Outbound) that is dynamic, can be deployed easily and prompts your customer to  in very shortly during the call.

Agentless dialing mode dials multiple phone numbers. Then it uses call analysis to detect whether each call was answered, whether by a live person or answering machine. Busy signals, SIT tones, and no answer outcomes can be disconnected. Live speakers and answering machines can be played a message. A live contact can be transferred to an outbound IVR call flow.

  • IVR Development

  • IVR technology allows a phone caller to interact with the phone system without operator intervention.
  • There 3 type of IVRs. Inbound IVR, Outbound IVR and Blended which is a magical and most intelligent one.
  • IVR development is a component of an IVR project where a programming team is assembled and assigned tasks to compete the creation of an automated phone answering program.

  • 3rd Party Systems which IVR can interoperate

  • It can be used in systems where customers can get their account information via phone, learn foreign exchange / stock prices, making changes in their accounts, making purchase / sale transactions, remittance and eft transactions.

  • It can be used in systems such as debt learning in businesses such as Municipalities and Electricity Administrations, acquiring information about activities, and providing automatic news about activities.

  • It can be used in systems where information such as student grades and absenteeism can be provided for schools.

  • Can be used in systems where failure notification can be made in desired and specific regions for companies with wide service network

  • It can be used in systems where you can buy tickets and get information about activities for cinema, theatre, concert halls.

  • Software Development / Integration

  • We provide software development support service together with our solution partners for your ERP and CRM projects.

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