• Cloud Technology Consultancy

               It serves to transfer the applications based on Cloud Technology to a virtual platform and turn on to access in anywhere with an internet connection. It provides an infrastructure based on paying on the go.

It provides technological processes that are standardized and automatized, resource measurability, licenses and savings from the expenditures of maintenance and Head Count.

  •  Call Center Technologies Consultancy

  The migration of the vintage lines includes the evaluation of the new line plans with the offers to be received from the telecom companies, the creation of the calling plans and the making of the cost saving plan.

  •  Telecommunication and VOIP System Consultancy

   Migration of existing land-lines, being take care of new line plans with offers to be received from telecom companies, the creation of calling plans, cost-saving plan services.

In addition to all the technology products used in the Call Center infrastructure, all blog posts about telecommunication and active network devices can be found here.