As CTcomm, we are at your side with telecom services. We provide services that you may need, such as migration of numbers, number allocation (0850).

The advantages of 0850 lines compared to 444 lines

  • There are no first installation fees for 0850 lines
  • 0850 lines are capable of receiving and sending unlimited calls simeltanously thanks to its being IP based
  • There are no extra fees for the ones calling your line. They are charged with their regular tariff.
  • You do not get charged for any incoming call.
  • You can use 0850 lines on any IP central, IP phone or analog call centers.
  • You benefit from cheaper rates between 45%- 75% for your domestic and international calls.
  • By reserving multiple 0850 lines for your business you can utilise it as DID (Direct Inward Dialing).

Number Allocation (0850, 0212, 0216)

  You save even more; regardless of the call directed to domestic, international or GSM lines, you do not pay flat fees while benefiting from the discounted calls if you prefer number allocation service of ours.

  Prefer CTcomm Telecommunication Services and benefit from the adventegous prices even without changing your PSTN.

Note: This is not applicable for 444 numbers.

Migration of Numbers (Land-lines, PSTN, ISDN etc…)

  • Number migration does not charge you for any transfer, set up and subscriptions.
  • It does not have a montly price. It is totally a free service.
  • All physical and commercial connections you had with your old operator are terminated.
  • You can receive unlimited simultaneous calls over a single number you have transferred. (Depending on your Internet bandwidth.)
  • You can transfer multiple numbers for different projects.
  • Not any interruptions occur during the migration.
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