Sales engagement platform

Visibility into real-time customer journeys increases sales

Increase conversions and drive more sales through your website by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, using real-time insights, and proactively engaging prospects at the right moment through the best channel—chat, content offers, email, mobile and more.

Time kills all deals

The faster your team can connect with leads, the more deals you’ll close without increasing your cost.  Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue and reach customers in real time—24/7.

Turn opportunities into wins

Improve your digital sales by using AI to:

  • Engage prospects in real time on their preferred channel, resulting in a 10x improvement in contact-to-lead qualification
  • Shape the journey for a 400% lead-to-customer conversion improvement
  • Personalize and automate next-best actions, offers, and agents for a 10% revenue gain
  • Better integrate the tech stack to simplify the lives of sales reps

Quick reads: sales innovation

Stay on top of sales best practices and innovation with Genesys blogs. AI-driven sales engagement is evolving how we communicate with customers. Genesys provides a wealth of knowledge to benefit from this in the regular sales blogs.

Stop wasting leads

Building on the power of AI and machine learning, Prospect Conversion and Customer Acquisition Center, smarter and automated sales engagement technology solutions from Genesys, humanize the digital experience for your customers. These solutions deliver real-time engagement, active journey shaping, and predictive personalization.

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